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Just who are we?

New Zealand is a relatively new country, being the last land mass in the world to be discovered. As a nation decended from migrants we have a richly diverse ancestry.

Historically as a nation we were formed by a treaty between Maori and British settlers. Our current national flag once reflected this but now it is time to decide if it is still relevant to us as a nation.

So, think about it. Just who are we?

Ask yourself some questions

Do you feel that our current national flag adequately represents you?

When you see it amongst other flags can you spot it instantly? Or do you have to peer at it closely to decide whether or not it is ours or if it is Australia's flag or a flag from another Commonwealth nation?

Does seeing our current flag flying at international sporting events fill you with national pride?

It's time

We feel that it's time for our national flag to be more representative of us and of our country.

It needs to be something we can get behind, something we can be proud of and something that allows people from other countries identify as being from New Zealand.